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May 1st to 7th, 2023

2023 Tim Horton’s Smile Cookie Week in support of a new CT Scanner at Campbellford Memorial Hospital

From May 1st-7th, every #SmileCookie you purchase from Tim Hortons in Campbellford will support the purchase of a new CT Scanner at CMH.

100% of the proceeds of the Smile Cookies will help the CMH Foundation purchase the new CT Scanner for the Diagnostic Imaging Department at the Hospital.

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Smile Cookie Pre-Order Form

Complete the form and drop it off at the Tim Hortons in Campbellford OR email it to the CMH Foundation Office and we will make sure your order is placed.

Order Form
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Why is a New CT Scanner needed at CMH?

Every year over 5,000 patients require a CT Scan at Campbellford Memorial Hospital. These scans help our medical team make an accurate diagnosis for things like heart disease, cancer, internal bleeding, joint and bone problems and much more. When the CT Scanner was installed in January 2010, Campbellford Memorial Hospital was the smallest hospital in Ontario to have this life-saving diagnostic tool. Since then CT’s have become a standard of care for almost every hospital.

After 13 years the current CT Scanner is aging and desperately needs to be replaced. Full days of scanning have been lost because the equipment is not available due to repairs. The CMH staff are working hard to continually maintain our CT Scanner to avert breakdowns, the transfer of patients to other hospitals or the significant delay in diagnosis and treatment of patients.

To maintain the best possible Diagnostic Imaging technology in the CMH service area, the Foundation must raise $2 million to cover the capital cost for the CT Scanner replacement and installation and Clinical Information System Supports.

Plan your Smile Cookie Purchase!

Treat your staff, co-workers, friends or family with a box of Smile Cookies!

  • Staff Meetings
  • Staff Appreciation
  • Construction Sites
  • Snacks for an Event
  • Celebrations, Birthday or Reunions
  • Save your Smile Cookies in the freezer for a future event

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