16th Annual Angels of Care Campaign

Stay tuned soon for details of the Campbellford Memorial Hospital (CMH) Foundation’s  16th Annual Angels of Care Campaign to help advance care for thousands of patients treated at the hospital each year. More than 40,000 area residents are treated annually at CMH. This includes patients requiring emergency services, a surgical procedure, a stay in the In-Patient Unit, a diagnostic test, to have blood work done and much more. If it wasn’t for financial support from the community many of these life-saving services would not have been available for patients.  Currently, the hospital has a list of important equipment the medical staff needs to continue to provide this great health care locally.

The CMH Foundation is hoping to raise $300,000 during the 16th Angels of Care Campaign for the purchase of high-priority equipment. Funds raised during the campaign will support the purchase of a new Nurse Call System and Clinical Information System. The Foundation reminds the community the Provincial government does not provide funds for the purchase of new equipment. That responsibility is in the hands of the donor community.

Angels of Care 2022

The Matchmakers

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Stay tuned for detail of the 16th Annual Angels of Care Campaign and the 2002  Matchmakers.  In 2021 The Matchmakers contributed $150,000 to encourage other community members to support the Campaign. The Matchmakers are 8 individuals and estates who have many years of the generous support of CMH and want to encourage other community members to make a gift to the Hospital.

While individual members of The Matchmakers have given to the CMH Foundation before, this is the inaugural donation as a group. In accordance with the wishes of The Matchmakers, the group’s matched donations will go toward the purchase of a new $300,000 Nurse Call System as well as the Clinical Information System.

Each gift made to the Angels of Care Campaign from November 1st to December 15th will be matched up to $150,000.

The Matchmakers are Bruce and Betsy Thompson, Joanne Simpkin, Newman Insurance, MacLaren Pharmacy, Trent Hills Auto Parts, the Estates of Marlies Freiberg and Norma Sizeland and one anonymous donor.

We can’t thank The Matchmakers enough for the generous support of the Hospital.


About the Nurse Call System:

Campbellford Memorial Hospital has an urgent need for a new Nurse Call System – a system that enables healthcare professionals to provide exceptional care to their patients, by giving patients a system that allows them to call or contact their nurse/nurse’s station promptly for assistance.

Your donation today will ensure our staff has the essential lifesaving equipment, technology and supports they need to provide the best possible care and safety for all.

Donations to the Angels of Care Campaign can be made in the following ways:

  • Securely by clicking here Donate Now
  • Mailing a cheque to the CMH Foundation, 146 Oliver Road, Campbellford, ON K0L 1L0
  • Via E-transfer to arunciman@cmh.ca
  • Using a credit card and call:
    Angela at 705-653-1140 ext. 2107,
    Catherine at 705-653-1140 ext. 2104
    or John at 705-632-2014
  • Contact the CMH Foundation to discuss other arrangements.

A: While the function of a nurse call system can be easy to understand, the system itself is quite complex and has several elements. The dome light is typically located outside of patient and staff areas to provide a visual indication of calls originating from the bedside, bathroom, and code stations as well as service requirements and staff presence. The Patient Station gives healthcare professionals the ability to communicate directly with patients and hear their needs.

The nurse console is typically located at the local nursing station or any place where staff receive calls. The console receives all calls that are placed within the ward and allow for direction with your residents to hear their needs as well as allowing staff to start workflows on behalf of the patient.

Having these stations installed in bathrooms gives your patients dignity and gives you the ability to speak to the resident if they have taken a fall or if there is an emergency. An advanced nurse call system improves communication and workflow across many teams within an organization.

A: Our current system is comprised of three different systems which are very limited now and at end of life.  The call bells do not work consistently.  Sometimes they alarm and sometimes it is just a light.  At times we cannot get the light to shut off, and when that happens it does not allow us to know if the patient rang the call bell.  When staff are in the locked medication room preparing patient medications, there is no way for them to know that a call bell is going- no sound or display are present in those rooms.  We also have no ability to communicate with patients through an intercom at the desk.  We also would like to see our bed and chair alarms be connected through this system as well.  

Given that our average In-Patient age is 81, that patient safety is critical and nursing teams need a system they can count on, purchasing a new Nurse Call System is an excellent – and urgently needed – investment.

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