Donor Dollars at Work

Thank you to Our Donors – Our Heroes!

The best hospitals are the ones that have generous supporters. With continued investment from our donors, we will enhance the care provided; support the attraction of talented medical expertise to our community and save more lives.

Donor Funded Equipment in 2020 to 2023 (Partial List)

  • CT Scanner (Diagnostic Imaging)
  • Patient Wandering System (Hospital Wide)
  • Portable A/C Unit (In-Patient Unit)
  • Hot Water Tank
  • Portable Patient Lift (In-Patient Unit)
  • Secure Medication Cabinets (Pharmacy)
  • Infant Transport Stretcher (Emergency)
  • Stretchers x 3 (Emergency)
  • Defibrillator x 5 (Emergency & In-Patient Unit)
  • Bladder Scanner (In-Patient Unit & Emergency)
  • Nurse Call System (In-Patient Unit)
  • Haematology Analyzer (Laboratory)
  • Blood Culture Machine (Laboratory)
  • Picture Archiving System (DI)
  • Mealsuite Software (IT)
  • Wander Guard Patient Security (IT)
  • Hematology Analyzer (Lab)
  • Slit Lamp (ED)
  • Cardiac Telemetry Monitoring System (Hospital Wide)
  • Hepa-Filter System (Hospital Wide)
  • Nurse Call System (Hospital Wide)
  • Infrared Thermometers (Hospital Wide)
  • Stethoscopes (Hospital Wide)
  • Digital X-Ray Machine (DI)
  • Abetment/Infection Control Panels
  • WiFi Project (Hospital-wide)
  • Desks
  • Vital Signs Monitors x 2 (Emergency)
  • Beds x 3 (In-Patient Unit)
  • HEPA Filter Cart (Infection Control)
  • Patient Ceiling Lifts (In-Patient)
  • Annual Information Technology Upgrades x 3 Years (IT)
  • Clinical Information System Annual Support (EPIC) (IT)
  • Staff Education & Awards (All Areas)