In Memory, Honour, or Tribute
Ways To Give

In Memory, Honour, or Tribute

Memorial Gifts

You may make a memorial gift in honour of a family member, friend, colleague or relative who has passed away.

Every year, and all year long we are humbled to receive In Memoriam donations, given in love and remembrance of those who have passed. We think of all the families who are missing a loved one and thank them. These gifts accumulate and are used to purchase medical equipment that enhances patient care at Campbellford Memorial Hospital.

The Campbellford Memorial Hospital Foundation has a memorial program to honour those individuals for whom we receive memorial gifts, which includes adding all memorial names to our Book of Remembrance. We have an In Memoriam Donor Wall to commemorate loved one’s lives. Please call us at 705-653-1140 Ext. 2104 for more information.

Birthdays, Anniversaries, Weddings, and Other Special Occasions

Asking for a donation to support your local hospital instead of a gift is a great way to help a friend, family member or others when they need it most. Whether you’re getting married or celebrating a personal milestone, consider sending invitations to your friends and family, asking them to make a donation in honour of your special occasion rather than buying you a gift.

When you make a tribute or memorial gift, your donation will be acknowledged immediately and a card will be sent to the individual or family that you are honouring. A thoughtful message on the card will let them know a special gift has been made in their name. The amount of your gift will be kept confidential. When mailing a gift, please include the name and address of the individual or family.