Thank You's

“It takes a village” to build great, local health care and we are grateful to have a village (many villages) of generous supporters.

Donor Recognition

Donor generosity to Campbellford Memorial Hospital Foundation is never taken for granted. We understand your donations and gifts come from a belief and commitment in making a difference in local healthcare for everyone in the surrounding area.

Our Donor Recognition Program recognizes with sincere appreciation those loyal and committed individuals who have graciously supported our hospital. Their support touches thousands of patients every year. On behalf of our patients and staff, we thank you.

Download the Donor Recognition Brochure

Donor Funded Equipment

Thank you to our donors, our heroes! The best hospitals are the ones that have generous supporters. With continued investment from our donors, we will enhance the care provided; support the attraction of talented medical expertise to our community and save more lives.

Donor Funded Equipment in 2020 to 2023 (Partial List)

  • Patient Wandering System (Hospital Wide)
  • Portable A/C Unit (In-Patient Unit)
  • Portable Patient Lift (In-Patient Unit)
  • Secure Medication Cabinets (Pharmacy)
  • Infant Transport Stretcher (Emergency)
  • Stretchers x 3 (Emergency)
  • Defibrillator x 5 (Emergency & In-Patient Unit)
  • Bladder Scanner (In-Patient Unit & Emergency)
  • Nurse Call System (In-Patient Unit)
  • Haematology Analyzer (Laboratory)
  • Blood Culture Machine (Laboratory)
  • Picture Archiving System (DI)
  • Mealsuite Software (IT)
    Wander Guard Patient Security (IT)
  • Hematology Analyzer (Lab)
  • Slit Lamp (ED)
  • Cardiac Telemetry Monitoring System (Hospital Wide)
  • Hepa-Filter System (Hospital Wide)
  • Nurse Call System (Hospital Wide)
  • Infrared Thermometers (Hospital Wide)
  • Stethoscopes (Hospital Wide)
  • Digital X-Ray Machine (DI)
  • Abetment/Infection Control Panels
  • WiFi Project (Hospital-wide)
  • Desks
  • Vital Signs Monitors x 2 (Emergency)
  • Beds x 3 (In-Patient Unit)
  • HEPA Filter Cart (Infection Control)
  • Patient Ceiling Lifts (In-Patient)
  • Annual Information Technology Upgrades x 3 Years (IT)
  • Clinical Information System Annual Support (EPIC) (IT)
  • Staff Education & Awards (All Areas)

Book of Remembrance

Every year, and all year long we are humbled to receive In Memoriam donations, given in love and remembrance of those who have passed. We think of all the families who are missing a loved one and thank them. These gifts accumulate and are used to purchase medical equipment that enhances patient care at Campbellford Memorial Hospital.

The Campbellford Memorial Hospital Foundation has a memorial program to honour those individuals for whom we receive memorial gifts, that includes adding all memorial names to our Book of Remembrance (below). We have an In Memoriam Donor Wall to commemorate loved one’s lives. Please call us at 705-653-1140 Ext. 2104 for more information.

View the Book of Remembrance

Tree of Life

The Tree of Life wall was created to recognize the generous gifts from donors that helped support patient care at Campbellford Memorial Hospital. The Tree of Life was in service over 20 years and upon being filled (2002) was re-created in digital format so those donor’s contributions could continue to be celebrated.

“You make a living by what you get; You make a life by what you give.” – Winston Churchill

View the Tree of Life