Why Give

Why Give

Like most hospitals in Ontario, CMH continues to see increased demand for care, along with more acute and complex conditions associated with an aging population. The need for new and replacement equipment is greater than ever. The hospital has a lengthy list of high priority equipment, all of which have a direct impact every day on the patient care our staff is able to provide.

Current Patient Needs 2024 (Partial List)

Echo Flex: Ergonomic Stretcher (Diagnostic Imaging) – $13,000
Reprocessing (Sterilization) Unit (Diagnostic Imaging) – $14,000
Appliance (Robocoup) (Dietary) – $5,000
Portable Ventilator (Emergency) – $35,000
Stretcher (Emergency) – $6,500
Defibrillator/Monitor (Emergency) – $28,000
Supply Cart (Emergency) – $3,500
Contingency (Hospital Wide) – $140,000
Annual EPIC/CIS Commitment (Hospital Wide) – $340,000
Staff Security (Hospital Wide) – $40,000
Workstations On Wheels (Hospital Wide) – $30,000
Scheduling System (Hospital Wide) – $70,000
Beds and Mattresses (Inpatient) – $70,000
Blanket Warmer (Inpatient) -$11,000
Ceiling Lift (Inpatient) – $4,000
IT Backup Project (IT) – $175,000
Electrolyte Backup (Laboratory) – $12,000
Coagulation Centrifuge (Laboratory) – $6,000
Blood Bank Surofuge (Laboratory) – $12,000
Blood Bank Freezer (Laboratory) – $32,000
Osometer (Laboratory) – $20,000


Thank you doesn't really say enough. CMH saved my wife's life. Support CMH!

George S.Thankful Patient

Giving Changes Everything

The Campbellford Memorial Hospital Foundation (CMH Foundation) is a registered charity with the primary goal of raising funds for the benefit of Campbellford Memorial Hospital. Our success is the results of a compassionate and generous community, dedicated staff and a vibrant volunteer team who generate tremendous enthusiasm in support of our Hospital and its services.

Since 1985, the CMH Foundation has  worked hand-in-hand with the Hospital  to support the purchase of new equipment and staff education, in its quest to become a centre of excellence for rural health care in Ontario. Our goal is to raise funds so that we can equip our healthcare professionals with the technology and tools required to provide the best healthcare possible.

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Ways to Give

From a one-time donation to a gift of securities, there are many different ways to support Campbellford Memorial Hospital.