Catch the Ace Raffle: The Campbellford Memorial Hospital (CMH) Foundations’ Catch the Ace Raffle has been a resounding success, significantly contributing to the well-being of the Trent Hills and surrounding community by raising a substantial sum of $452,159 to improve patient care at CMH. Begun in 2019 the initiative has consisted of five rounds of raffles, each making an impact by channeling funds to the hospital and putting the same amount of prize money back into the community.

Chuck Mills, a truck driver from Warkworth, is the fortunate winner of the Catch the Ace Round 2 jackpot, taking home $30,630. He bought his ticket at Sharpe’s Food Market and continues to purchases one every week. His surprise and joy were palpable, especially considering Chuck has a personal connection to the hospital, being born at the old location on Front Street North. “I was told by people on Facebook that I won, I didn’t know what they were talking about really, until the Hospital Foundation called and told me that I was the winner! I was so happy and believe that helping the hospital is important to keep up with new equipment and to keep it in our community.” Chuck told us.

His sentiments are echoed by many in the community, including Abe Osterlee, a resident of Campbellford for 42 years, and the Catch the Ace Round 4 winner. Abe also bought his ticket at Sharpe’s but purchased it by chance, thinking that it was just a great thing to do for the hospital. He won $41,681; he values the hospital’s role in the community especially for the aging population. “It’s a good thing to support the hospital, we are getting older, and we need the hospital more than we did 50 years ago. We shouldn’t and can’t be travelling to get care.” says Abe. “Even though I won I will always support the hospital.”

The Catch the Ace Raffle has not only fostered community spirit but has also assisted in important advancements in medical technology for the hospital. Such as the acquisition of a brand-new CT scanner, which replaced an outdated 13-year-old model, enhancing the hospital’s diagnostic capabilities.

The stories of Chuck and Abe, the many other Catch the Ace winners, highlight the dual benefit of the raffle, it maintains critical healthcare services while also offering participants the chance to win amazing cash prizes each week. The CMH Foundation is grateful to everyone who buys tickets for the Catch the Ace Raffle. It’s yet another way people can help fund medical equipment and critical hospital needs that are not covered by government funding. Weekly tickets for Round 6 of the Catch the Ace Raffle are available at over 20 retail partners in the surrounding area or securely on-line at

For more information about the Catch the Ace Raffle, call the CMH Foundation at 705-653-1140 ext 2116.

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