Supporting your local hospital with a donation or with your time is meaningful and valuable. Not only as an investment in the community today, but for generations to come. Volunteers play a big part helping to create a positive change for those relying on our local hospital’s services.

If you are thinking of getting more involved in the community, the Campbellford Memorial Hospital (CMH) Foundation has many opportunities for people to be engage. From special events and committees to the Foundation Board there is something for everyone, that could mean volunteering for an hour, a day or a longer commitment.

“We are blessed with wonderful financial support but a great way to be involved is to give your time and energy, keep active and support an organization that you believe in like CMH.” said John Russell, Executive Director of the Campbellford Memorial Hospital Foundation.

In early May, there is the annual Ranney Gorge Run held to raise funds for patient care and the purchase of new high priority medical equipment for the hospital. They are looking for many more people who can help before, during and after the run.

The Incredible Doctors’ Cook-off each July is another wonderful event supporting the hospital and vital equipment needs, where volunteers are needed to help plan the event, set up or help run it.

The Catch the Ace Raffle has many people volunteering but more are always welcome to help sell tickets at the pop-ups, or picking up tickets at vendors every Thursday.

Jean Lake, retired from working in television across Ontario, has been volunteering for Campbellford Memorial Hospital and Foundation over 18 years in various roles. Among other things, Jean currently sells Catch the Ace at Sharpe’s Food Market on Thursdays. “Coming home at the end of the day I feel fulfilled by knowing that I am helping someone in need. And helping the hospital is great for anyone looking to help in the community.” Jean exclaims.

And at these events or even on a short-term basis to help with social media is always welcome.

“There is so much that people can do within the hospital or the Foundation,” informs John, “It all depends on a person’s skillset, interest and availability.”

There are also many sub-committees that are a steppingstone to either getting on to the CMH Foundation Board, seeing if the Board is a right fit for you or just an avenue to give and feel good. Some of these are, the Planned Giving Committee, the Financial Advisory Committee or the Auxiliary are always looking for passionate people able to give some of their time and expertise.

Currently the CMH Foundation is recruiting people for its Board. They are looking for volunteers who are enthusiastic about their local health care and looking for ways to support patient care at CMH. It’s a 3-year commitment for the 1st term and members meet once a month, but have an opportunity to go to join other subcommittees and volunteer at events. There is potential for Board members to extend their term.

To volunteer with CMH Foundation or apply to its Board of Directors contact the CMH Foundation at 705-653-1140 ext. 2107 or email

Any small act of volunteering makes a great impact. “We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop.” – Mother Teresa

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