Edith lives in Stirling with her husband, John Ray of 59 years. They are both lifelong residents of Stirling. They are parents to two wonderful children, Cindy Brandt, who occasionally works at Campbellford Memorial Hospital (CMH) as a Registered Nurse, and to retired National Hockey League player, Rob Ray of the Buffalo Sabres. They also have four amazing grandchildren and a great grandson.

They didn’t think Edith’s pain was significant, but felt a visit to the hospital was in order. Even though their family doctor is in Belleville, they decided not to go to the hospital there, discouraged it was a Saturday morning, and John figured it would be busy and the wait time would be long. Because John has difficulty walking, Edith would have been alone at the hospital. He thought it would be best to go to CMH, because the wait time might be shorter and parking is much closer, making it an easier trip to go back and forth to their car.

Afterwards they could head to the local grocery store to get a few things.

“John thought Campbellford hospital was going to be quicker and plus we could go to Sharpe’s. We didn’t think it was too serious, so off to Campbellford we went.” said Edith.
They arrived at the Emergency Department and didn’t have to wait long to get seen. Edith had blood work done then was visited by Dr. Anthony Jeffrey, who checked her abdomen. “It was a little painful and he didn’t like the feel.” she said. Dr. Jeffrey immediately ordered a CT scan.

Less than two hours later Edith got the shocking news that the CT scan showed a tumour on her kidney. Dr. Jeffrey referred her to an Urologist in Belleville. Edith and John were stunned. “I didn’t think it was anything serious.” exclaims Edith, “He saved my life! Dr. Jeffery is a great fella.”

Edith had cancer on her kidney, but the tumour was proven malignant. “On December 15th the Urologist performed surgery and removed her kidney. Further testing in January showed that Edith is cancer free. She will continue to attend regular tests, scans and checkups.

“I’m feeling fine now” declares Edith, “My husband, my family and I are thankful that Dr. Jeffrey’s pro-acted so quickly.”

If Edith’s husband, John, wasn’t so insistent on going to the hospital, Edith would have probably waited till things were much worse.

“Don’t hesitate to go to CMH, small community hospitals are just as good as the big ones. They are there to help you” Edith remarks as she recounts the day she found out she had cancer from the CT scan at CMH. “I will definitely return to CMH for the excellent care they gave me, the concern and how quickly and compassionately I was cared for.”

The Ray’s recently made a donation to the CMH Foundation as grateful patients in support of the new CT Scanner. “We donated to CMH this year, amongst our other donations, it is a nice friendly hospital and great for the community.” added Edith.

Dr. Jeffrey and all the talented health care professionals at CMH don’t do it alone. They rely on the generosity of caring donors like you to make their work possible. Your support ensures they have access to the latest equipment and technology to diagnose conditions, treat patients and save and restore lives.

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