Catherine worked as an Insurance Claims Consultant with Marsh Canada (Lloyds of London) before retiring in 2019. Her husband David retired in 2020 from being a successful Real Estate Broker. They are the proud parents to two wonderful children, and three amazing grandchildren.

Over 20 years ago, Catherine had surgery for a ventral hernia. Everything was fine until 2023 when she says she was “feeling off and my gut was popping out by my belly button.” At her annual appointment, she told her family doctor, Dr. Daniel Sheps, of the Trent Hills Family Health Team who immediately referred her Campbellford Memorial Hospital for a CT Scan.

On March 8, 2023, Catherine went for her scan. “The CT Scan technician was fabulous!” she exclaimed. “I was a guinea pig for the student in training, but I wasn’t worried because the technician was there, they answered all my questions and made me feel relaxed. I was happy to be there.”

A few hours later Dr. Sheps called Catherine with terrifying news that the CT scan detected cancer in her left kidney and the hernia was back. She was referred to an Oncologist and after some further testing it was confirmed, Catherine had Stage 3 Kidney cancer.

On June 29, 2023, Dr. Bill Meade, a Urologist in Peterborough, performed surgery to remove Catherine’s kidney and repair her hernia. Today she is considered cancer free but still goes in for regular tests and checkups.

Moving forward to July 29th, the Burgesses were days away from going to a long-awaited family reunion in Winnipeg. Catherine wasn’t feeling well and the area where she had her operation was painful and uncomfortable. She immediately went to the Emergency Department at CMH. Even though the wait was long, Catherine was extremely appreciative of the excellent care she received from Dr. Boon Howe Chang and the nurses. “I was not feeling well, but the medical emergency team at CMH were calm, patient and accommodating. The doctor prescribed antibiotics and dressed my bandages and the nurses showed Dave and me how to redress the appendages properly.” Catherine said. “It was the first time we used the “emerg” in Campbellford, it was wonderful and so handy and so important to have close by. After the visit, the Burgess’ happily went to their family reunion.

Recently Catherine had a follow up CT Scan appointment; it is the final days for the current CT scanner at Campbellford Memorial Hospital. The new donor-funded CT Scan will be up and running by mid-March. “I feel honoured that I am one of the last patients to use the old one, but thrilled for the patients that there will be a new one.” said Catherine.

The Burgess family are grateful for Campbellford Memorial Hospital and appreciative of the staff and equipment available. They have personally supported the new CT Scanner Campaign.

They encourage everyone to donate. “It’s important to have a hospital close by, it means everything to everyone living in the area, CMH is amazing and so handy.” said Catherine.

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